Application Service Providers (ASP)

EBR Systems is in the process of becoming an SAP ‘application service provider’ (ASP) to small busiesses.  Once we have received the approvals from SAP, EBR Systems plans to provide SAP to small business on a ‘pay-per-user’ basis. 

EBR Systems will provide full SAP service to customers who do not want to stay focus on their core competency and products and who do not wish to spend their financial and human resources in information systems.

The process of benefitting from usinf SAP without the massive captical investment is simple and staright forward.

  1. Contact EBR Systems
  2. EBR Systems will analyze your requirement
  3. EBR Systems will customize a solution that will meet your business requirements
  4. EBR Systems will propse a ‘per-user’ license fee.
  5. You start using SAP through a secure Internet access.

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Application Service Providers (ASP)
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